Few days have shaped the course of American history like 911. Many of us regularly look back on that day and recall where we were, who we were with, and what we felt as we witnessed scenes of catastrophic loss, and unforgettable heroism. Do you have a memory to share? Please visit our Facebook page to share it. We've gathered portions of a few of these stories here.



"I was at my job at the little store I work at and people kept coming in telling us what was happening, but it did not sink in until I left work and went to the fire house where I was a volunteer at the time ,joining the other firefighters sitting there watching it all unfold on t.v. it was so unbelievable! I've never been so sad knowing how many brothers I had lost that day."


"I was in the World Trade Center when the first plane hit, catching my subway uptown to my job at Columbia University. I will never forget that day. Stunned watching it unfold just a couple of miles away on the computers at school. The faces of everyone as I walked from 116th to 34th to try to find a way home that afternoon. The following days as I stayed home and followed the news. And then finally being allowed to return but never to go the way I had for the past 4 years. It's still very vivid."


" We were living in Bangalore, India, for my husband's job with Caterpillar. Our 21-year-old son was visiting and called us to watch TV. At first glimpse, I thought he was watching "King Kong." It was CNN live, Tuesday night in India, in time to see the second plane hit the Twin Towers. We were riveted to the TV as the horror unfolded. We found out that air traffic was closed down in America. We couldn't get home to be with family. Our nephew, in the Arlington P.D., was a first responder at the Pentagon"


"Working is Sylvania Ohio along with my Dad and Uncle,some of the guys left work early,what I remember most is looking to the sky and not seeing any air planes,I believe that day shook America to its core."


"On the 6th floor of the Jobst Tower at Toledo Hospital working when I came in by the radiology center a TV was on the Today show it said a by plane hit one of the towers, when I got to my office my private line was blowing up it was my mom telling me to put on the news then another plane flew in my heart sank I just wanted to go get my daughter it we were under attack I wanted her with me but I couldn't leave and school went on lockdown there was so much chaos especially after the Pentagon we were told that a rogue plane was heading towards possibly Toledo to blow up nuclear reactors... Very scary emotionally charged day for everyone."


"I was in first period bio class. At first I couldn't understand why the teacher was so concerned, because I thought it was just an accident. Throughout the rest of the day most of my teacher's were fairly hush-hush about everything. My last period class was government and the teacher said that we needed to know what was going on even though the school had said to leave the tvs off. So we spent the rest of the day watching in horror. It was then that I understood it was not an accident. The rest of my 4 years in high school was forever marked by that day."


"I was on my roof getting ready to paint our house. The nieghbor across the street yelled to me " Hey did you see they flew a plane into the World Trade Center" ? For our family it was very crazy, my now x brother in law worked in Manhattan and was on his way in. He ended up working for many days in and around ground zero."


"Living in NJ. Husband stopped in traffic on the NJ Turnpike that morning, saw it all happen. First thought was how many widows and orphans there would now be. Second thought that life here would never be the same again."

“Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”