Join us in celebrating the courageous men and women who watch over us, everywhere.

Toledo Memorial Park has long been a place to pay tribute to those who have served their country with courage and selflessness. The 911 First Responders Last Call Memorial is our latest contribution to their memory.



The name of the memorial was inspired by what's known among first responders as The Last Call. Also known as the Bell Service or Last Alarm, The Last Call is an important part of the funeral or memorial service for deceased police officers and firefighters. After the ceremony or interment, a bell is tolled by a surviving member of the fire or police department. The bell ringing recalls a time when the fire bell rang to call firefighters to an alarm and then, again, to signal that the alarm had ended.



The memorial is designed around a 13,000 pound beam from the World Trade Center site. The beam was transported from the New York City Port Authority to Ohio by a local trucking company, which donated its services. This beam, along with other mementos from the World Trade Center installed across the country, serve as symbols of resilience, brotherhood and the sacrifice that first responders regularly make in Toledo and throughout the nation.

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at: it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”


There are a number of ways in which you can contribute to the experience and honor the sacrifices of first responders everywhere. You can reserve a paver in your name of that of a loved one. You can make a donation to the memorial fund. Or you can simply contribute the gift of your presence by visiting the memorial and experiencing it first hand.

A Special Thanks

The vision for the 911 First Responders Memorial emerged during a visit to the World Trade Center site in 2007 by Jeff Clegg, president of Toledo Memorial Park. Nearly ten years later, that vision is finally taking shape. Jeff and his staff would like to express their heartfelt thanks to a special group of people who helped make their vision a permanent reality.

John Boggs, Kelly Cleveland, Boyd Montgomery, Scott Fought and Jim Sautter – Board of Directors
Mel Harbaugh – [Need Title]
Scott Heacock – Architect.
John Hooker – Project Manager
Rory McDonnell – Animator and Designer.
William Rhodus – Sylvania Police Chief
Jeff Kowalski – Sylvania Fire Chief
Robert Boehme – Sylvan Township Police Chief
John Tharp – Lucas County Sheriff